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First Time Guests
Welcome to our NEW Registration Site. Please click on the "Create Account" link on the upper right section of this page to create a user account. You will need to have your 2017-18 USA Hockey Comfirmation number. If you need to register with USA Hockey, click here

Tacoma Junior Hockey
1. Navigate to the “Membership” tab above. Select TJHA Rec or Travel, and purchase your membership.
2. Choose your team by clicking the Registration tab above, click "Youth Hockey"
4. Enter your USA Hockey number and ADD TO CART

Rainier Hockey League
click here to see RHL Schedule and stats.

1. Purchase a Membership by selecting the “Membership” tab above, then select your membership type from the left hand side.
2. Once you have purchased your membership, click on the Registration tab above, then choose "RHL" and REGISTER in your division.
3. Contact the team managers below to get the proper team-code to register with your team.

Teams Team Contacts

Team Contacts
Chubbies - Chris Reimertz - cgsreimertz@comcast.net
Donkeys - Mike Monson - Monsonms@gmail.com
Beavers -
Hooligans - Matt Becker - arcnsparkman@comcast.net
Maverick - Chris Weaver - weaverchris82@gmail.com
Trainwreck - Jason Rivers - rivers1711@yahoo.com
Devils - Mick Jaeger - mjwj88@gmail.com
Blackhawks - Jeff Paradee - P-N-P_engineering@comcast.net
Whalers Bernie Comeau - bgcomeau@hotmail.com
Dragons - Centura Grey - Centura12@cs.com
Bandits - Bryan Malanowicz - thekeeper_28@yahoo.com
Silverbacks - Cam Thrall - cjthrall@gmail.com
Nemesis - Terry Walley - walleygator@hotmail.com
Ice Ninjas - Jeremy Decker - dualmp4me@gmail.com
Ice Hawks - Patrick Bradley - limehouseinc@gmail.com
Polar Bears - Daren McFarland - nwmac5@comcast.net
Fireants - Terry Walley - walleygator@hotmail.com
Mets - Chris Wilson - RAPTORWILSON@gmail.com
Predators - Greg Pipoly - LILPIPPIP@gmail.com
Gamblers - David Dewitt - UOFM65929@hotmail.com
The Kraken - Daniel Dougherty - d.dougherty1990@gmail.com

Anderson League (40 and over) 25-30

New team codes will be added as new teams are established.

4. Enter your USA Hockey number and ADD TO CART.

For Inquiries - please contact us by phone at 253-272-PUCK